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Find an Ailic's Researcher

Find Ailic's Researchers who got distracted by something on the way from the Front Line Alliance Camp to the Aren base.

Quest Content:

[Player], thank you for your trouble last time. Reports say that there are still researchers that have not reported back to the camp.

(Fenyan Lilt sighs softly.)

Would you be willing to help me find the researchers again and remind them to come and report in? Of course, if they are off researching some unimportant thing, you can use "necessary means" to remind them.


You haven't found them yet? Try looking off the road.


[Player], thank you again for reminding the researchers to report at the camp. Watching him walk, I think you must have had to "remind" him several times. Sorry for all the trouble.



Public Event Points
Quick Facts

Req. Level:68
Start:Fenyan Lilt
End:Fenyan Lilt