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Recover 10 Rusty Toolbox from Taffrock Outskirts - South.

- Collect Rusty Toolbox 10x

Quest Content:

Old friend, do you still remember when Taffrock Outskirts - South was the most prosperous mining area? In it's current state, it won't be returned to its former glory any time soon.

In fact, we're planning to recycle the used Rusty Toolbox in Taffrock Outskirts - South. It should be useful with a few minor adjustments, and will help speed up the development of the other areas.

However, magical beast attacks keep interrupting our attempts to recover the equipment, and progress is slow. Can you help us recycle the Rusty Toolbox?


Taffrock Outskirts - South is not a peaceful place. For your own safety, please stay alert.


I'm glad to see your safe return. So, there were no accidents during the recovery process?


Experience: 283

Money : 501 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:7
Start:Mikael Blackjaw
End:Mikael Blackjaw