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Affected Earth

Use the Energy Detection Device at the Scorched Rift to find a Blazing Crystal.

- Collect Blazing Crystal 1x

Quest Content:

Hey! Friend, can I ask you to do a small favor for me?

The elemental power has seriously affected the land quality in the Scorched Rift. Not only does the ground look different, a special type of substance called Blazing Crystal is being produced underneath it.

After some observation and research, we have found out that the Blazing Crystal is full of fire elemental energy. Perhaps we can use it to find a way to suppress the elemental power. However, this Blazing Crystal is very special so it's not easy to obtain. That is why I would like us to split up and search for it...

That's right. You can't find it with normal methods. This Energy Detection Device is the only device that allows you to find Blazing Crystal. Be careful that you don't lose it!


Did you forget something?

Time is money. Hurry and find a Blazing Crystal!


You're finally back! I have been waiting here for a while...

My detection instruments suddenly malfunctioned while I was carrying out my search, so I didn't find any Blazing Crystal...

It's a good thing you were here to help. Thank you! Then I will continue on with my research...


Experience: 684663

Money : 5127 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Heart Flame Cape
Fire Flame Cape
Flare Cape
Flame Cape

Quick Facts

Req. Level:68