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Find an Ailic's Researcher

Find the Ailic's Researcher who got distracted by something on the way from the Front Line Alliance Camp to the Aren base.

Quest Content:

[Player], you came here from the Front Line Alliance Camp to provide support, right? I'm very happy to see you. I haven't seen the Ailic's Researcher that should have come with you...He must have run into trouble on the road.

Then, [Player]. Please go back and find the Ailic's Researcher who was meant to come here for a research mission. He is often distracted by some strange thing that he encounters on the road and forgets to come here and carry out his mission. If we don't find him soon, I'm afraid he'll starve to death or even get eaten by some wild animal. Please go and find him and bring him back here safely.

That's right, if the researcher has gone off to study something unimportant, be sure to use some "necessary measures" to remind him to get going.


You haven't found him yet? Please hurry. I'm very worried for his safety.


[Player], thank you for safely escorting the researcher here. Looking at his way of getting here, it seems that you had to "remind" him quite a few times. Sorry for all the trouble.


Experience: 789996

Money : 5127 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:68
Start:Fenyan Lilt
End:Fenyan Lilt