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Destroy the Imperial Army's Mysterious Equipment

Help the Rebel Army and go to the Imperial Army station near Pitik Port. Then destroy the mysterious equipment that you find there.

- Kill Destroy The Imperial Army's Mysterious Device 1x

Quest Content:

However, we are fortunate that you and Otto discovered this...

It looks like we must make a move. Are you willing to help us?

I will entrust the next step in the investigation to someone else... I hope you can help us go and destroy that equipment.

Of course, I understand that this task is very dangerous, but we don't have a lot of time to think about it.


Oh, this task is extremely important!

From the information gathered by the investigators, the Imperial Army's plan really is focused on us.
That equipment was also part of the plan...


Excellent! Thank you very much for your help.

Knowing that the King has exceptional people like yourself makes me believe that Dalanis will be able to return to its former glory...


Experience: 1265050

Money : 4676 Gold


Public Event Points
Quick Facts

Req. Level:66
Start:Vilas Katz
End:Vilas Katz

Quest series

  1. Otto's Secret Research
  2. Take Back Otto's Research Report
  3. Otto's Warning
  4. Destroy the Imperial Army's Mysterious Equipment