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Take Back Otto's Research Report

Go to the Imperial Army station near Pitik Port and conduct a search. Take the Otto's Research Report back to Otto Bryan.

- Collect Otto's Research Report 1x

Quest Content:

The next problem is a bit more troublesome...

In fact, this research was initiated by the Rebel Army, but it also brought attention from the Imperial Army. Many research instruments and records have already been confiscated...

This includes some very important information. This information will allow me to conclude my current research.

In short, can you help me get back my research report?! I believe this report must still be in the Imperial Army station near the village.


You really can't find out where the research report is?

How is that possible? I'm sure that it was taken by the Imperial Army!


That's right. This is the research report!

However, from the facilities that you mentioned, it sounds like the situation is not good.



Public Event Points
Quick Facts

Req. Level:66
Start:Otto Bryan
End:Otto Bryan

Quest series

  1. Otto's Secret Research
  2. Take Back Otto's Research Report
  3. Otto's Warning
  4. Destroy the Imperial Army's Mysterious Equipment