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Decisive Battle with Ankes Strangeclaw

Follow John Carter's plan and capture the thief leader, Ankes Strangeclaw.

Quest Content:

Very good! Now on to the next step of the plan...

You must use Trap Seed to set up traps at all the locations we are occupying. Also, you must fake defeat while in battle with Ankes Strangeclaw...

As long as you can make Ankes Strangeclaw step on one of the traps we set, everything will go smoothly!


Hurry and use this chance to take action!

I already sent someone to notify the captain. Reinforcements should be here soon...


Oh, it's really isn't easy!

Even though we successfully captured Ankes Strangeclaw, we're still facing the power of the thieves. We must not lose our guard.


Experience: 1265050

Money : 4676 Gold


Public Event Points
Quick Facts

Req. Level:66
Start:John Carter
End:John Carter

Quest series

  1. Torag Caravan Seagulls
  2. Meet Shana Port
  3. Find out Will's Whereabouts
  4. Suspicious Thief Incident
  5. Yagean's Undead Army
  6. Hanging Unknown Result
  7. Shana Port's Clever Strategy
  8. Meet with Vilas Katz
  9. The Plan's Key Players
  10. Preparing for Action
  11. Raid the Ankes Gang
  12. Decisive Battle with Ankes Strangeclaw
  13. The Commander's Final Decision
  14. Strangeclaw's Surprising Position
  15. Disguise
  16. The Start of the Infiltration