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Blacksmith's Commission

Help the blacksmiths. Get Ice Crystal from Archibald, then follow the instructions to get Ice Crystal Ingot.

- Collect Ice Crystal Ingot 1x

Quest Content:

Dear adventurer, the blacksmiths of the Artificers' Guild need your help.

Right now the best metal is Ice Crystal. It's hard and durable, and not easily scratched. However, Ice Crystal is rare and difficult to obtain. Only a few people know where to get it. Archibald is one of those people...

The blacksmiths want to make a special weapon and plan to use Ice Crystal. [Player], will you help us get 1 Ice Crystal Ingot?


Adventurer, please hurry. I know you can complete the blacksmiths' request!


Good job. Archibald didn't give you any trouble, did he?

[Player] I want to thank you on behalf of the blacksmiths, and give you these gifts. I hope you can continue to help us...


Experience: 12

Money : 25 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Colorful Iron Sand (3)
Craft Festival Celebration Certificate (1)

Quick Facts

Req. Level:1