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Food for the Soldiers

Obtain Pepper Mushroom Bisque from Nin Daelas and fill the stomachs of the wounded soldiers.

If you accidentally lose a quest item, go back and find Nin Daelas.

- Kill Help the Hungry Dwarf 2x

Quest Content:

I once saw someone from that village bring out some livestock. If I am guessing correctly, the people in this place provide for themselves by raising livestock. When that person came out, the stubborn rock-headed one next to the door called her Nin Daelas.

Now that everyone has become so weak, I think that the soldiers will die of hunger before their injuries can kill them. That is why I implore you to go into the village and get some food from Nin Daelas or someone else. I don't want to see anyone die this way!


My companions can't move because they are so hungry. They can only lie on the ground and conserve their energy. I really want to do something for them, but I can't go too far from here....


My starving companions now have the energy to stand because they have eaten. Thank you for everything you have done for us!


Experience: 730447

Money : 15648 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:64
Start:Bhat Ferrous
End:Bhat Ferrous