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Forever Winner

Collect 5 Firm Plate. Give them to the Phirius Merchant, Amaka Werr when you're finished.

- Collect Firm Plate 5x

Quest Content:

The craftsmanship of the Fireboot Craftsman really is famous throughout the world!

It just needs a minor adjustment...Even if this is considered second-rate equipment here, it is still a hot commodity in other areas!

If you can collect a certain amount of Firm Plate, then please bring some back for me. I guarantee that I will be able to give you a satisfactory reward.


Yes? This doesn't look like the amount we agreed upon!


Hehe! Let me make sure first!

Yes! It looks like there is no problem, however the quality seems a bit...Cough, cough!

This is reward that we agreed upon. Do you have a chance to continue working with me?


Experience: 194423

Money : 2859 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Phirius Token Coin (10)

Quick Facts

Req. Level:63
Start:Amaka Werr
End:Amaka Werr

Quest series

  1. Natural Craftsman
  2. The Beginning of Crafting Study
  3. A Master Craftsman's Approval
  4. Seemingly Good Business
  5. Forever Winner