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Rescue and Tracking

Convey Morrok Wallinder's words to Toni, then report back to Morrok Wallinder.

Quest Content:

I never thought that such an accident would occur just as I met the human king. Not only has Iswan Giant been captured, but even Ike Mania has been abducted by Larvanger Barkud...

Based on the information everyone provided, Larvanger Barkud is working for Annelia. This part is absolutely correct, which means that if we want to rescue them we have to first find Annelia.

The human king said that before Annelia captured them, she said he could find her by crossing Tukork Hot Springs... Perhaps we can go to the Land of Malevolence to find more clues about Annelia.

However, a sudden accident interrupted my discussion with the human king, and I didn't have time to inform him of some important information. I hope you can help me pass it along.

We are all eager to rescue them, but we must proceed with caution. We will most likely have to go deep into enemy territory, and our situation will be precarious. We hope that he will cooperate with us, and not do anything rash that would give away our position.


Did you tell the human king what I said?

I know he's worried about his friend who was taken, but in times like these it's important to stay calm.

Please ask him to cooperate with us. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to rescue the people.


We are very grateful for the human king's cooperation.


Experience: 431610

Money : 10959 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:60
Start:Morrok Wallinder
End:Morrok Wallinder

Quest series

  1. Rescue and Tracking
  2. Go to the Land of Malevolence
  3. Annelia's Name