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Get Rid of the Shadows' Disguise

Go with Kakada to deliver the Amethyst Vine to Eliyar who stands next to the little creek in the Jyr'nathon Forest, and let her know that this time Antaikolon isn't a trick of the Shadows.

Quest Content:

The Star Spring is a strange and plentiful energy source. This is a sensible assumption.

It makes the shadows...the target of the demons. Since ancient times, except for Nature's Power, they have sought the energy of the runes. Together they respect the Elves and find it difficult to escape their influence.

There are great changes happening now. Buried at the bottom of the Star Spring is a forbidden rune.

Eliyar believes that I have passed away. He believes that I am a deception of the Shadows.

Once I sacrificed myself for a safe Elven future. If I could...I would never hurt her again.

[Player], Amethyst Vine is deep in my heart. Please do this for me and take this to Eliyar. She will understand everything.


When Eliyar sees the Amethyst Vine she'll know that I'm not an illusion. The Amethyst Vine is a symbol of truth.


(After Kakada excitedly quotes Eliyar, Antaikolon, who was originally solemn because of the problem of the Star Spring, lets out a slight smile.)


Experience: 340678

Money : 9698 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Millennium Belt
Deciding Factor Belt
Reunited Shadow Buckle
Iron Resolve Belt

Quick Facts

Req. Level:56