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Alisber's Worry

Alisber wants you to take the Holy Mark to Nax the Holy Tree in Jyr'nathon Forest and be careful of Nax's response.

(Recommended group size: 4 and more)

Quest Content:

[Player], things may be getting worse because of my inattention...

My king saw that something was wrong with Nax the Holy Tree. She hid it well, but my king saw her alertness and worry.

If Nax is the manifestation of her will, then the situation is already perilous. Perhaps you've noticed her shadow is more and more transparent?

To this end, my king gave me a Holy Mark and sent me to find Nax the Holy Tree, but...I can't do it. Forest Shadows are active in this forest, and I plan to stay here and use the sword my king gave me to defend this forest.

Therefore, I need your help. Go to the Jyr'nathon Forest and give this Holy Mark to Nax the Holy Tree. It may be dangerous, but this is the only way.




It's you...I remember my will found you outside...

After that, I was in deep pain...thirsty for Nature's Power...

Then a vigorous power poured into me and I awoke from the dream...

Was it you...who did something to me?


Experience: 681356

Money : 19396 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Lost Elf Silk Breeches
Lost Elf Toughened Leather Pants
Stray Elf Chainmail Pants
Obsessive Elf Heavy Leg Guards

Quick Facts

Req. Level:56
End:Nax the Holy Tree

Quest series

  1. Alisber's Worry
  2. Nax the Holy Tree's response