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Another Royal Family

Abroniya wants you to follow the instructions in the Note to retrieve her Package.

- Collect Package 1x

Quest Content:

[Player], I will try to stop Elven King Antaikolon and make him understand my king's philosophy and the history of past disputes...

However, I made a serious mistake. After being attacked by the Forest Shadows which Nax spoke about, I used Nature's Power to create a magic seal to keep the enemy from stealing important goods, but I locked the Package I brought inside.

I originally planned to wait until I recovered, then go back and get the Package, but my recovery has been slow...

Now I'm forced to ask for your help, and I hope you can keep this secret. I don't want my personal actions to cause other elves to question the Royal House of Isnasil. Please follow the instructions on this Note and help me get back my letters.


Please follow the instructions in the Note to find my Package. May Nature's Power protect you.


Thank the Holy King, you found my things.

May Nature's Power always be with you.


Experience: 340678

Money : 9698 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:56

Quest series

  1. An Exotic Visitor
  2. Forest Shadows
  3. Hidden Enemies
  4. Unstable Power of Nature
  5. Another Royal Family
  6. Forest Restoration