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Corruption of Nature

Help Hanches by going to the Sanctuary of Jyr'na and finding the source of the corruptive force.

Quest Content:

We don't know what exactly happened to the Jyr'na Elf, but we could sense a corruptive force emanating from the Jyr'nathon Forest which eventually began to corrupt all Northern Janost Forest.

As soon as the force began to spread outwards, all wildlife seemed to disappear from Northern Janost Forest. We were powerless to stop it, we simply didn't know what to do to dissipate it.

Outsider, if you really are the chosen one then you must help us overcome this evil.

Please, go to the Sanctuary of Jyr'na and find the source of this corruptive force.


If Raksha is still with us, please protect us... Please protect our forest.


You could feel the corruptive force the most when you were at the Sanctuary of Jyr'na?

It's just like I thought, the fall of the Elves and this evil power are closely connected.

But what can be done to halt the spread of this corrosive force?


Experience: 409312

Money : 7228 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:56

Quest series

  1. Provocation
  2. Drake's Tracks
  3. Forbidden Entry
  4. Angren Crisis
  5. Lijinda's Envoy
  6. The Great Hunter
  7. The Great Hunter's Warning
  8. Don't Fear Death
  9. Corruption of Nature
  10. Power Struggle