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Lijinda's Envoy

After you have discovered the secrets of Dimstar Swamp, go to Angren.

Quest Content:

If the Raksha Temple is a holy place for the Resident of Angren then it will definitely be heavily guarded. Let's not waste our time trying to get there, we should go straight to Dimstar Swamp instead and see if there's any new information there.

I did want to go with you, but Iswan says that it's a very dangerous place and is adamant that I do not follow you there. I'm afraid I'm going to have to rely on your assistance yet again.

Please go to Dimstar Swamp and see if you can find out something new- if you do then come back here and tell us.

Remember that, whatever happens, you absolutely cannot attack the Resident of Angren, or even show hostility towards them.


Welcome to Angren. Our city's residents have been informed of the coming of the Ungad, so you shouldn't meet with any more hindrance.

In our language, Ungad means 'the one chosen by Lijinda'...That is you.

However, don't think that this means the Resident of Angren will align themselves with you just like that- you still have a long way to go, and your friends even more so.

I still have things to see to, so I shall take my leave of you. As the son of a High Priest I do carry a certain amount of influence, so you need not worry about your status here.

Once you've entered, go and find Great Hunter Hanches, and he will show you the way.


Experience: 491175

Money : 9638 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Lijinda's Favor Shoulder Guards
Lijinda's Wish Shoulder Guards
Lijinda's Approval Shoulder Armor
Lijinda's Choice Shoulder Armor


Angren's good opinion
Quick Facts

Req. Level:56

Quest series

  1. Provocation
  2. Drake's Tracks
  3. Forbidden Entry
  4. Angren Crisis
  5. Lijinda's Envoy
  6. The Great Hunter
  7. The Great Hunter's Warning
  8. Don't Fear Death
  9. Corruption of Nature
  10. Power Struggle