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In Hot Springs

Get 6 Bones of a Warrior from Puppet Warrior in Tukork Hot Springs and give them to Pliade Rotteneye.

- Collect Bones of a Warrior 6x

Quest Content:

What kind of shady dealings is the Iron Teeth army up to in Tukork Hot Springs?

The clan elders say that back then a strange kind of soldier appeared in the Iron Teeth army. Even if their limbs were broken they just kept fighting.

A body that can't feel pain? It must be a ghost! Go get me some Bones of a Warrior and let me see what kind of tricks they're up to.


Why have Iron Teeth forces left Windswept Crag and come all this way to Tukork Hot Springs? The reason is fascinating...


Black bones? the bones of a corpse, covered in the breath of death...are all of the Iron Teeth soldiers like this?

I'm not sure...I need more Bones of a Warrior to be certain...


Experience: 138284

Money : 2445 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Phirius Token Coin (10)

Quick Facts

Req. Level:59
Start:Pliade Rotteneye
End:Pliade Rotteneye