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Talking to the Vagrant

Danny Coblin from the Dalanis Dimlane District wants you to bring the Crystal Dagger to a vagrant in the square in the Dalanis Central District to talk.

- Collect Crystal Dagger 1x

Quest Content:

Even if we know it's Avano's elite troopers, you still don't have any way to find out where they are hiding. After all, Avano has become a leaderless stretch of land, just a few days ago.

But, lucky for you, my master wants me to provide you with another channel to help you get the relevant information. But the price is that you leave this Arrow Head and that you provide support to my master for something in the future. What do you think?

(Although Danny Coblin smiles, you can feel the hatred and coldness hidden behind the smile.)


Then I'll take this Arrow Head, and give you the information. There are some unremarkable vagrants by the fountain and in the corners of the square in Dalanis Central District including the king of black market intelligence, Morning Star. He and his assistant are doing some business in the black market. This will test your abilities.

Bring this Crystal Dagger and talk to the vagrants. One of them will surely talk to you.


Young girl, would you like to dance?


(This vagrant looks at the Crystal Dagger in your hand), lowers his voice and moves closer to you to take a careful look at you.)

Was it Master Night Owl that sent you?

But my master is out accompanying his friend Toni on a trip somewhere...

The master asked that I ask you not to be too anxious. He might return when your partner arrives, and I can take you and your partner to meet him.


Experience: 69188

Money : 2331 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:54
Start:Danny Coblin
End:Bobby Jean

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