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Piecing Together the Truth

Together with John Hoffman, discover the truth behind the strange vagrant deaths.

Quest Content:

Something happened right after the curse was mentioned... isn't that an interesting "coincidence"?

Perhaps because Nigula Hura came in contact with those strange corpses, people were attacked. How about we go find out who these criminals are together.

Piece together the truth to stop the number of strange corpses from continuing to grow. Bringing some stability to Dalanis is also one of the responsibilities of us knights. At least the "jovial" expression of "Iron Rose" Iswan isn't likely to frighten people...


A mystery is before us. It if didn't resolve it, we would miss out on the "delight" of the process.


Great. What we've found out is that the Mallen Brothers Gang snuck into Dalanis and built a base, and after that vagrants have been dying one after another.

And if we don't stop it, they'll "naively" think that nobody has noticed and continue doing it.


Experience: 207564

Money : 6993 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Arresting Hood
Leather Thinking Cap
Hidden Danger Helmet
Redheart Helmet

Quick Facts

Req. Level:54
Start:John Hoffman
End:John Hoffman

Quest series

  1. Another Kind of Training
  2. The Odd Funeral Parlor
  3. A Mysterious Death
  4. "Simple" Mission
  5. Piecing Together the Truth
  6. Smash!
  7. Appreciation of the Lionheart Knights
  8. Knighting Ceremony
  9. A Squire's First Mission