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Awakening Souls

Narfas of Hero's Tomb wants you to use the Curdling Stone to take you to Tiyana's hiding place. When you are there, do your best to defeat the adventurers tempted by Tiyana.

- Collect Curdling Stone 1x

Quest Content:

Her soul is full of hatred. She is called "The Temptress" because she lures in kind-hearted adventurers and compels them to risk their lives for her and even tricks them into harming unfortunate creatures... We must stop her from continuing to tempt these innocent kind-hearted people towards evil. We must reawaken them!

All creatures have their own path. To prompt the reverse effects of cleansing, Tiyana uses magic on those animals, turning the cleansing technique into a harmful energy. However, she has forgotten that I'm able to track her with my remaining energy.

[Player], Tiyana's temptation ability is due to her being skilled at hiding her true self. However, her magic has a fatal weakness. If the caster suffers a serious injury, the magic will lose its effectiveness.

Due to Inmakat's counterattack, my mana has temporarily been depleted... It can't be regenerated in a short period of time... The crisis can't be resolved...

[Player], use this Curdling Stone. It will represent me and take you to Tiyana. A strong will allows my spirit to stay with you.


Use the Curdling Stone. It will take you to where Tiyana is hiding. Use your power to awaken those adventurers that have been tempted...


Oh... [Player].

(As Narfas looks at you, you see her face is pale and spotted with beads of cold sweat.)

You didn't awaken them and you let them escape with Tiyana? Don't worry. I'll use the remaining energy to find them again...

What? Is there something else?

You say Androth will be resurrected?


Experience: 182799

Money : 6796 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:50

Quest series

  1. Prevention
  2. A broken Goddess?
  3. Tracking
  4. Frightening Scene
  5. Cleansing Together
  6. Awakening Souls
  7. Water Elemental Power
  8. Water Tracks