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Cleansing Together

Follow Narfas' footsteps towards the entrance of the cave and weaken the power of the animals you see so that she can easily cleanse them.

Quest Content:

[Player], you must trust in yourself at all times. Precious is the soul that never surrenders.

Let Namidas rest here!
Time will slowly heal helplessly wandering souls.

[Player], follow my footsteps, cleanse everything, weaken their power, let those lost souls regain their calm, OK?


Follow my footsteps, cleansing will cause the lost souls to regain their peace.


How long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

I've never been so sad before, so pained. Her soul was invaded by darkness, broken, but I was unable to help...

A thousand years have passed, yet Tiyana is still suffering in darkness to this day...and she even hurt those unfortunate animals.

For a thousand years, I've been in this hero's tomb unable to move... If my injuries could heal faster, perhaps I could have found Tiyana sooner...but now it's too late.


Experience: 91399

Money : 3398 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Spring Purification Robe
Spring Purification Leather Armor
Spring Purification Chainmail
Spring Purification Plate Armor

Quick Facts

Req. Level:50

Quest series

  1. Prevention
  2. A broken Goddess?
  3. Tracking
  4. Frightening Scene
  5. Cleansing Together
  6. Awakening Souls
  7. Water Elemental Power
  8. Water Tracks