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Ape Mountain's Materials

Go to Ape Mountain and find a Special Gem. When you find it, bring it back to Sheelo Lance. Sheebo Kanten is a researcher there. If anything mysterious was discovered there, it should've been handed to him.

- Collect Special Gem 1x

Quest Content:

The book says that there is a special jewel in the southern part of the Savage Lands. The southern part of the Savage Lands... That must be around Ape Mountain.

Let me check... (He flips through a pile of documents that he has on hand.) I see...Ape Mountain... The camp at Ape Mountain. Most of the information I have here was sent by Sheebo Kanten. Looks like he is also an Eye of Wisdom researcher.

Finally, if the jewel has already been found, it should be with him for research. It would be best to get it before he disassembles it. If it still hasn't been discovered, you will probably want to survey the area with them. The book records say it is within range of Ape Mountain, at least that part must be right.


Did you find that Special Gem?


Yes...this gem looks just like what was described in the book. This is it all right!


Experience: 101747

Money : 4569 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:53
Start:Sheelo Lance
End:Sheelo Lance

Quest series

  1. Resource Management
  2. Ape Mountain's Materials