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The Kindness of Strangers

Rid Rufa of disease, receive a Rufa Chief Ring signifying Rufa Chief's approval, return to Haz and find Shaman Tibabus.

- Collect Rufa Chief Ring 1x

Quest Content:

Tracing the end of the Great Banishment, the Elven King Antaikolon and Kalume, the king of the humans, established the Great Barrier to repel the Great Serpent. Afterwards they entrusted to us the care of various holy relics, which must be handed over to humans or Elves when need arises. They can only be given to those in true need.

Bodos keep their promises! Only this time you disappoint us. Humans and Elves are not as strong as they once were. They are also more corrupt.

Ever since the arrival of the masked ones, Rufa Bodos have fallen sick, one after another. Luzan and Eduth have turned on each other. I know that among you there are those with "true need" of these holy artifacts...

Please forgive my cynicism, but we will have to clean up the mess you leave behind! The Bodos have already suffered enough. Put a stop to these calamities, bring back peace to Rufa, THEN come and ask me about the artifacts.


Whether or not you are worthy to know the artifacts' location is still unclear.

If we are going to join forces, it is essential that we trust you before we tell you.


(Shaman Tibabus is overjoyed to see the Rufa Chief Ring you're carrying)

Rufa Chief acknowledges you. The day of our salvation draws closer...


Experience: 101747

Money : 4569 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Rufa Dawn Bound Pants
Rufa Blackberry Vine Pants
Rufa Away From Home Leg Guards
Rufa Thorn Loop Leg Guards

Quick Facts

Req. Level:53

Quest series

  1. The Kindness of Strangers
  2. Balance of Energies
  3. Kneel Before Barrack
  4. Lake Master Prayers