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Only the Mushroom King...

Enter Spore Grove, get Giant Mushroom Stem from Mushroom King Bolida Wood, and give it to Liri to eat.

- Collect Giant Mushroom Stem 1x

Quest Content:

With the Holy King as my witness, I can thoroughly understand Liri's feelings. Actually, the reason I won't enter the Spore Grove is not completely because of "allergies."

A while back, I also mistakenly ate a kind of mushroom and lay there all day and night. Fortunately, another Elf happened upon me while collecting mushrooms and helped me find an antidote. To cure that paralyzing mushroom's poison, the Spore Mages' Mushroom Powder isn't enough. You must get a Giant Mushroom Stem from Mushroom King Bolida Wood.

Bolida Wood is normally in the largest tree trunk in the Spore Grove. If possible, you should get some friends to go with you. After getting the Giant Mushroom Stem, quickly take it to Liri to eat. The paralysis won't go away immediately, but after some time, Liri should gradually be able to move his hands and feet...


Did you find Rodiie? Did Rodiie think of a way to cure my paralysis?


I didn't think the Giant Mushroom Stem would be so delicious. Now I have to wait for the paralysis to be cured? No problem, as long as it can really be cured.

Thank you so much, my friend. If you weren't here, I'm afraid I'd be lying here for a lifetime...


Experience: 255

Money : 667 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Jacket of Numbing Embrace
Merchant's Leather Jacket
Spore Body Guard

Quick Facts

Req. Level:6

Quest series

  1. This is discouraging!
  2. Inform Rodiie
  3. Only the Mushroom King...