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Pirates' Developing Agent

Help Cheney Chanep by gathering a Deep Sea Monster Tooth Powder and a Sailor's Ghost's Pirate Soul Essence from Sailors' Graveyard.

- Collect Deep Sea Monster Tooth Powder 1x
- Collect Pirate Soul Essence 1x

Quest Content:

(Cheney Chanep holds the scroll in front of his nose and strongly smells it)

Oh! God! This smell... but it's just as I thought. This scroll has invisible writing on it. Don't ask me how I know. Everyone has things in their past they don't want to be public knowledge...

There's only one way to make this invisible writing appear, and that's to mix up the pirates' special "developing agent." The ingredients are hard to find, but I happen to have some on me. I'm missing two ingredients, though: a Deep Sea Monster Tooth Powder and a Pirate Soul Essence from a Sailor's Ghost. You can find these two things in Sailors' Graveyard. Bring them to me and I'll help you make the pirates' developing agent.


If there's nothing else why don't you stop disturbing me? You know, guy, I've got a lot of crops to attend to, as you just mentioned...

(Cheney Chanep mocks you with a retaliatory tone of voice)


I thought those Sailor's Ghost would've...

(Cheney Chanep looks a little disappointed)

Never mind! Give me the items; this will take some time.


Experience: 44207

Money : 4213 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Sneaking Boots
Spirits' Will Soft Shoes

Quick Facts

Req. Level:45
Start:Cheney Chanep
End:Cheney Chanep

Quest series

  1. Mysterious Scroll
  2. Pirates' Developing Agent
  3. Written in Blood
  4. Truth?
  5. Copy