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Search the shipwrecks in Sailors' Graveyard and report what you find to Sonora at Nameless Port.

- Collect Book of Seals 1x

Quest Content:

In his letter Pannisa wrote that he learned something about Haniya in a Wine House... near the Sailors' Graveyard in Ravenfell. Many ships are wrecked there, so Haniya and some others went there to search for treasure. There was some dispute over splitting the find, and now his whereabouts are unclear...

Pannisa went there to investigate and found lots of things lying about in Sailors' Graveyard, including ships with strange markings.. only he couldn't work out if they had any connection to Haniya.

I would go myself, only I have business to attend to here. Would you go and search those wrecks in the Sailors' Graveyard for me?


(you turn your head and see Sonora mumbling to herself)

This little pest ...

Pannisa... to protect a pretty flower... the best way is to wipe every pest off the face of the earth.

It may hurt a little, but time heals all wounds.

Just wait a little ... maybe just after a short while, she will look back and see me. I believe the waiting all these years will have been worth it.

As to the Compass, I will keep it safe until the day when it will be useful.


This mark is definitely Haniya's sign. I once saw this seal on board a ship...

Hang on... there's another notch carved next to it, which could mean...

Vivian Rhodes, you wait here, I'll be back shortly...

(Sonora's smile fades and she holds the rubbing that you brought back tightly against her chest)

I will keep searching for him myself. Don't tell the young lady about this, after all, we don't know whether Haniya's alive or dead. Let's not make her worry.


Experience: 46498

Money : 4397 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:46

Quest series

  1. Pannisa's Treasure
  2. Haniya