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Deciphering Witchcraft

Go between Sailors' Graveyard and Abandoned Fortress to get 10 Feathers off of Four Winged Vulture as well as get a Heart of the Wolf King from a Buriz and bring it all back to Yaniha Bimey of Sailors' Graveyard.

- Collect Heart of the Wolf King 1x
- Collect Vulture Feather 10x

Quest Content:

Vulture Feather, Heart of the Wolf King, Bitterleaf sprout and lover's tears.

Since Rotten-nose Porgy cursed me, my arms and legs have been useless. I can only rely on my existing blacksmithing skills to manage to feed myself.

I need your help. Bring me a Heart of the Wolf King and 10 Vulture Feather.

It is a most formidable task for one to challenge Buriz alone. But a group would find it a lot easier! I think you can get my meaning!

As for Bitterleaf sprouts, I can get them!


(You turn around. Yaniha Bimey is looking down mumbling.)

Lover's tears... Go back now. Will she forgive me?

In the days that I haven't been with her, Sonora must have tried everything possible to make her forget me. After all, she has some special feelings for the one she cherishes.

Ahh... if it wasn't for the treasure and falling out with Rotten-nose Porgy it wouldn't be like this now.

Ahh... I really don't have any confidence.


You got these. We still need the lover's tears.

Lovers... this is the biggest test for me!

After leaving her so long ago, will she forgive me?

Right, boy. Go now! All that is left is a test of my courage.


Experience: 74510

Money : 6715 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Wolf King Chainmail
Wild Heart Wand
Wolf's Howl Crossbow

Quick Facts

Req. Level:47
Start:Yaniha Bimey
End:Yaniha Bimey

Quest series

  1. Burying the Hatchet?
  2. Deciphering Witchcraft