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Infiltrating Zurhidon

Sneak into the Zurhidon meeting. Gather any information about the Legendary Sword, and return to Lajos Halka.

Quest Content:

According to the information from the Eye of Wisdom, the Zurhidon are having a secret meeting in the Obsidian Stronghold. Use their clothing as a disguise and sneak in to find information about the legendary sword, the Eulogy of Blood.

They are holding their meeting in a house in the Lower Eastern part of the Obsidian Stronghold.


Did you hear anything at the Zurhidon meeting?


It seem like the Eulogy of Blood was not sealed away with its previous owner, Androth...

This is an important piece of information. It means that the Eulogy of Blood is somewhere we will be able to find and access.


Experience: 77631

Money : 5989 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Plentiful Wine Cup
Executioner's Sword
Hammer of Smite

Quick Facts

Req. Level:38
Start:Lajos Halka
End:Lajos Halka

Quest series

  1. Shrine Ruins
  2. Infiltrating Zurhidon
  3. Chailik's Help
  4. Altar of the Winds
  5. Wind Spirit Fortune