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Myrmex Diagram

Help Epikur by going into Kal Turok Hive and recording the positions of the detection points.

- Collect Automatic Stone-Rubbing Analyzing Apparatus 1x
- Collect First Detection Point Diagramm 1x
- Collect Second Detection Point Diagramm 1x
- Collect Third Detection Point Diagramm 1x
- Collect Fourth Detection Point Diagramm 1x
- Collect Fifth Detection Point Diagramm 1x

Quest Content:

Oh... I really want a diagram of Kal Turok Hive!

People have been in the Myrmex hive, and they have used earth mounds to hide 5 detection points, they set up. However, as we belong to different groups, they won't share their maps with me! So I was thinking that you could draw one up for me!

You can't draw? No problem! I have a Automatic Stone-Rubbing Analyzing Apparatus. Just carry it into the Myrmex hive, and as you walk towards a detection point, it will start to record!


This analyzer is very good!


Finally...I have it! Eric, your research is mine now!


Experience: 113893

Money : 4502 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:49