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Kiss a Girl

Help Kalish the Ice Frog from Dragonfang Lake by finding a girl that would kiss him.

Quest Content:

Hey! Don't attack me! I'm not what I look like!

Listen to me. I'm not a beast.

A curse was placed on me to transform me into what you see now. If you agree to help me, you will need to find a girl who is willing to kiss me. That would lift the curse. If you do this for me, I will give you my treasure.


If you could, a princess would be ideal! But I think you might be hard pushed to find a princess in a place like this.


Wonderful! I'm back to my normal self again! I'm so grateful. Here's the gold ball that I promised you.


Experience: 2256

Money : 2165 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Gold Reward Ball (1)

Quick Facts

Req. Level:20
Start:Kalish the Ice Frog
End:Ice Crab Chris