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The Missing Pieces

Find the Guardian Energy Core in Boiling Blood Outpost, then use the Flame Devil Stone to return to Kelotobeto. (If you lose the Flame Devil Stone, you must pass through the lava mouth at the Infernal Gate to get back to Kelotobeto.)

- Collect Guardian Energy Core 1x

Quest Content:

We Fire Beings have been watching over this guy for a long time, so we know who took his stuff and where they went.

One extremely powerful object was taken by a particularly nasty Demon. The object is a forbidden rune and definitely isn't his thingamajigga core.

The other object was taken by a kid called Scarlet Snake from Boiling Blood Outpost not long ago. He thinks no one knows but we all saw him. If you want to find it, that's definitely the object.

Why don't you go and get it back!

Take this Flame Devil Stone. Once you have the item, crush the stone and the flames will bring you back here to me.

When you're ready, just say the word and I'll send you on your way.


If you lose the Flame Devil Stone, I'll give you another one out of the goodness of my heart...hang on! If you lose the Flame Devil Stone, you won't be able to get back in the first place!

I'm very clever, thinking of that!

Listen well! If you lose the stone, come back the same way you got here, okay?


Excellent! That's the one.

You're quite useful. No wonder Kanya brought you over.


Experience: 151942

Money : 6853 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Fire Beings' Dagger
Forsaken Titan Staff
Hammer of the Scorn Sanction

Quick Facts

Req. Level:53

Quest series

  1. Summoned by the Fire Being
  2. Sleeping Titans
  3. The Missing Pieces