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Step into the lava at the Infernal Gate to demonstrate your respect for Falrasian.

Quest Content:

Woman of Ceretus, why do you summon us here, in the presence of this outsider?!

(Falrasian turns his head to look at Kanya. Kanya mutters something you can't make out and Falrasian turns his head to look at you.)

Outsider! If you wish to speak with the mighty Falrasian, you must first demonstrate your respect!

Step with me into the lava! Only by undergoing a trial by fire shall your true self emerge!


Excellent! Life is limited by the body!

As you have demonstrated your respect to me, I shall permit you to stand before me.


Experience: 50195

Money : 2284 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:53

Quest series

  1. Respect
  2. Negotiating with a Fire Being
  3. Punishment in the Name of Fire