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The Important Chest

Help Vega in the armor shop deliver the Important Chest to the bank's receptionist, Lymith.

- Collect Important Chest 1x

Quest Content:

I think you should by now be better acquainted with the lower city of Varanas. You see, it's a center of industry, with many factories and merchant houses headquartered there. If you head forward, you will find the Central Plaza, where you will find a beautiful fountain. You will also see other important buildings in that area, such as the bank and the Auction House.

I have an Important Chest that I need to deposit at the bank. In the chest are some special suits of armor. Please deliver it there, and before you go, see what the bank is like. Give this chest to the receptionist Lymith; he'll know what to do with it.

Head southeast, and then climb the stairs to the Central Plaza. The bank is just to the west of the fountain.


Is this the item sent by Mr Vega? Alright, please give it to me.


Experience: 218

Money : 421 Gold

Quick Facts

Req. Level:10