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Retrieve Dragon Eggs

Take the Wind Sound Crystal to the top of the Tower of Wailing Wind. Imitate the surrounding wind noise and take the Dragon Egg from the Tower of Wailing Wind.

Quest Content:

The Sound Crystal has been prepared. This is the last step!

The Earth Dragon Egg is at the very top of the Tower of Wailing Wind. You need to be vigilant. Any noise and the baby dragon will come out of its egg. So when we take the egg out of the Tower of Wailing Wind we need to imitate the sound of the tower with the crystal.

This is an extremely dangerous mission. We sincerely hope you succeed!


You need to be careful. Make sure you're ready. Good luck!


You came back! I'm glad you're all right...

I'm really sorry, but it looks like we didn't do enough research. The simulated wind magic sound wasn't enough and the young dragon broke the egg.

Oh well... we'll find another Dragon Egg. Thank you for all your help. Here's some equipment as payment for your hard work.


Experience: 27576

Money : 4593 Gold

You can earn the following rewards
Dragon Scale Leg Guards
Dragon Scale Speed Boots
Ancient Dragon Scale Gloves
Dragon Scale Shoulder Plate

Quick Facts

Req. Level:36